This is a Game Changing Waterfall That Works Anywhere! Made of industrial strength “Polyurea” material and molded from natural stones, this versatile water feature is a attention grabbing option to create immediate ambiance and sensory stimulation to a variety of spaces.

Lanais – Patios – Landscapes – Around your Pool – Restaurant/Bar Patio Areas – Commercial Common Areas – Events/Parties – Even Interior Locations.

Choose Lighting and Power Supply at Checkout.
The pump for this Falls is included.

Sales Advise and Unique benefits:

Incredible realism as a result of using molds from real stone material and is only 230 lbs. and stronger than concrete. The Longboat Key Falls is a commercial quality, 2-piece, self-contained water feature and the result of 20 years of water feature experience & design.

Sales Advise and Unique benefits:

Extremely colorfast & durable industrial “Polyurea” material that can withstand freezing conditions or exposure to intense sunlight.

5 yr. warranty for leaks and a proven track record for no leaks for over 20 years! A huge & unique benefit with a water feature product.

“What You See, Is What You Get!”. Even a skilled builder cannot predict exactly what their “creation” is going to look like. Our Engineered Rock water features look exactly like the picture you see. This is a huge advantage for both the owner of the water feature and the builder who is trying to recreate an “image” for their customer.

It sets up in literally 20-30 minutes, and only requires two, (unskilled), people to do so. There’s only two main pieces making up the whole water feature, and they are so light they can be moved by anyone.

Locate them on a patio, deck, landscape, an interior or exterior location, etc… No other feature of this stature and quality can do that.

Incredible realism as a result of using molds from real stone material and 20 years of natural stone design experience

Custom water features frequently develop leaks that can be impossible to find or repair. They are also permanent once constructed offering no flexibility to relocate later if necessary.