The Maderia Falls is an extremely durable, lightweight waterfall you can have installed in a single day. This model is a great size creating relaxing sound, a mesmerizing visual focal point in as little as 5′ of space, (9′ with edge rocks). The Polyurea exterior is a commercial grade coating designed for over 30 years of exterior weathering. The color is thru-and-thru providing superior longevity to stained concrete or other resin materials. These revolutionary waterfall products are truly game-changers with all their engineered features & benefits.


Main waterfall unit and (2) complimentary “edge rocks”.

Over sized discharge opening for better water flow.

HDPE composite mounting blocks & anchors for mounting.   

The support of installers with actual hands on water feature expertise.

Choose Lighting, Power Supply and External Pump at Checkout.

If needed the recommended pump for this Falls is the 1800 GPH

Install the Madeira Falls for the perfect accent to any pool. This beautiful, character-rich, easy-to-install falls weighs pounds instead of tons! The cascading water from the different levels will bring a serene sound to your environment. With edge rocks included this kit will be the first on your list to improve your customers surroundings. Save time and labor with this amazing rock. Rated for over 30 years of life.