Enhance the look and energy of your clients backyard scene with this stunning rock design for their swimming pool. This impressive kit features a beautiful and natural-looking waterfall, accented by two edge rocks to complete the scene.


Main waterfall unit and (2) complimentary “edge rocks”.

Over-sized 2″ discharge openings for better water flow.

HDPE composite mounting blocks & anchors for mounting.   

The support for installers include actual hands on water feature expertise.

Choose Lighting, Power Supply and External Pump at Checkout.
If needed the recommended pump for this Falls is the 5000 GPH

The Miami Falls is perfect when the temperatures rise. As the flowers begin to bloom, have a few friends over to enjoy the beautiful days. A waterfall kit installed on a swimming pool will give you backyard that special touch you’ve been looking for. Similarly, Installing a pond or garden fountain can be the perfect finishing touch to your thriving garden. If you have questions, give us a call. We have plenty of information, from delivery and installation, to cleaning and maintenance.